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13 February 2017:    Attention! All scientists, students & PhD candidates!

P&M-Invest offers “products from stock” as free samples (not more then 3 substances)  in the quantity 5-20g, subject to the publication of their results, obtained based on  each sample, in our journal “Fluorine notes” within 6 months. The promotion is valid within 2017.

Note: The delivery of free of samples is paid by receiver.

20 October 2016:    

Brief information about the XI All-Russian Conference “Fluorine Chemistry” with international participation (F-2016)

19 October 2016:     Dear readers and authors-to-be!

The Editorial Board would like to announce a contest for a best publication 2016-2017 in our Journal :
One First Prize - 2000 Euro
Two Second Prizes – each equals 1000 Euro
The decision on rewarding will be taken by conclusion of the vote of Editorial Board Members in the end of 2017.

24 September 2016:    

It is our pleasure to announce that the 11th "All-Russian Fluorine Chemistry Conference"(F-2016) will be held in Moscow (Russia) from the 26th until the 30th of June 2016. More information on the web-site

On-line registration is available until 31 of March. 

Information Letter. First Circular.

21 September 2016:    

On December 17-18 2014, in Okhtinskaya Hotel (St. Petersburg) Conference Hall our journal had held an International Seminar.

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